MapleStory 2 was hit hard by plagiarism
Nov. 9, 2018

MapleStory 2 has faced one of the biggest crises and currently does not have an effective cure: the massive plow in the game and incessant spam through the global discussion forum. Although spending money is generally considered a violation of the MapleStory 2 TOS, Mesos's risk-free harvest is no longer a fairy tale from the "Arabian Nights" version!

The virtual plow problem seems so familiar to RPGs, and MapleStory 2 is no exception. The cute online game MapleStory 2 Mesos has a headache. The fact is that players use plow money to flood the virtual world.

Specifically, many players are setting up incorrect accounts on the server to store money from the plow, even plow accounts are more than real players. Not only that, the global MapleStory 2 chat is also full of spam lines.

This situation is predictable and RPGs that buy items like MapleStory 2 Mesos are already very popular. Nexon would have prepared for a good reaction. More than that, simply because they have a lot of experience, but finally everything goes as before.