Gam Bethesda overwhelmed by Rage 2 again
Apr. 24, 2020

After the launch of Rage 2, we see if the game released by Bethesda can withstand post-apocalyptic hype or if it crashes.


I am a fan of the Bethesda games that have been developed and published for years. My relationship with the AAA developer was quite detestable because even if I like games, there are conditions and you really have to work for them.


Post-apocalyptic games are also a lot of fun. The look of this game has delighted people with cyber punk, a crazy and crazy look of the bad guys and science fiction technology. The colors remind me of Borderlands and it's one of the best things about Rage 2.

Rage 2 - Courtesy of Bethesda Softworks

The environment is sterile, but the colors are vivid. One problem with old PS2 games from the past was the empty environment. The system couldn't handle too much noise in a game, so dark, monochrome environments were a must.


Aside from the surrounding area, the story was boring and short. There was nothing special about this story, nothing that made you see what was happening. You play as Walker, the last ranger after your home has been attacked, and your job is to find the elders who help end the authority, the group that attacked you.