If there are still too many memories with Shaiya, S Online is a good choice for you
Apr. 11, 2018

So far, Shaiya Event has been forced to break the Vietnamese game village in 2012, which is really what makes every player in the community more painful to mention. After that, some people temporarily eliminated Shaiya, others forgot other products, but many people gave up the option to play Shaiya unofficially on the private server.

If you are also a Shaiya player and you still have a lot of nostalgia, you want to keep the old sense. S Online will be an option that should not be missed in April. In addition to high-end graphics, mystical Norse mythology, this project is also considered the legendary Shaiya Revival project on mobile devices and currently attracts great interest from the enthusiastic community of players loyal to the Holy Land every day.

Obviously, the scenario of Shaiya and S Online is colorful with a mythical character from northern Europe. S Online opens a mythical world that has never been known, derived from the curse of the two goddesses Light and Shadow, sacred beauty and illusion. With this curse, the fertile land was born, but it produced contradictions that could not be eliminated despite the passage of time. The union of light and anger, the armies never engage in the same land, there is always conflict and resentment.

On the other hand, S Online opens two completely parallel worlds, just like the players remember the legend Shaiya. The light and the folds coexist, like the two sides of a coin, like the moon and the sun, but always the opposite. Players who roam the world can not distinguish between right and wrong just because it is intrinsically wrong. Nothing is absolute, two worlds, two ideals should always coexist, keep the world in balance.