Make sure you grab the extra flight paths in World of Warcraft
Aug. 23, 2018

When I advanced in the wow boosting service final to prepare for the first raid for several weeks, I found a series of shortcuts to climb: this is one of the most important elements I found.

You may have noticed that, once the main story is over, you should always finish the war campaign, which is behind the various reputation levels of the Legion of Honor and the 7th Legion. It is imperative to get more trial levels for these factions as they unlock more obvious bonuses, such as additional subscribers, another dungeon and an additional allied race. But there is another advantage that is not so obvious: additional flight trajectories in enemy territory around the world in search of the mission.

Once you have reached the level of respected reputation, go immediately to the mayor of your faction near the war campaign. Buy items that give you missions, then go to the successor table and perform your missions.

The Wolfsgraben is less attractive in the Strait of Tiragarde, but offers a beautiful route north to Stormsong Valley. In addition to waiting for follow-up missions, the configuration of the camp lasts only a few minutes and it is worth closing it as quickly as possible. If they love you, you can catch more outposts.

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