NBA 2K18: Three Ways to Upgrade Players Quickly
Jun. 21, 2018

If you want to reach overall 99 in NBA 2K18, upgrading your player is so important that you can never ignore. However, it may seem difficult for the newbies to make it clear how to get it started in some fast ways. So GVGMall will provide three ways to upgrade players in NBA 2K18 quickly for you.

1. Spend VC on Them

The first way to upgrade your character in NBA 2K18 is to spend Virtual Currency on them. Virtual currency can be obtained by finishing the game tasks or purchasing with physical money. GVGMall is a professional site which offers VC packages with different values. If you are hesitating where to buy cheap and fast VC, GVGMall will be a good choice. Once you have VC to spend, you press the Triangle button (Y on Xbox One) to select the gold attributes option in the middle of the menu. Now press UP on your d-pad to access the attributes page and upgrade them according to your requirement.

2. Use Training Facility

Upgrading your players can also be achieved through another method in NBA 2K18: to make use of the training facility and then to rank up your badge. You are allowed to have three drills between each game and it can be used to increase your progress for a certain badge along with your OVR rating.

In NBA 2K18, badges can be used for different skills upgrading, like screening, rebounding and so on. So you have to choose badge that is suitable for your skills.

3. Gatorade Fueling Center

Lastly, there is a short term option to give you a boost for a shot game in NBA 2K18. You can go to the Gatorade Fueling Center where you can purchase one-time consumable items whose effects will be enabled in the next game, but once the match is over, their effects will be, too.

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