The Elder Scrolls Online Moves Battlegrounds to Base Game, Changes Morrowind
Apr. 9, 2018

Some major changes in the available versions of the online game have been featured on an official news page in The Elder Scrolls Online, which covers both the Morrowind chapter and the PvP battlefield function.

Recently,The Elder Scrolls Online published news directly related to the Summerset chapter and the next update of the game.

Some players have already noticed or noticed some changes, especially since the Morrowind chapter changes to become the basic version of Elder Scrolls Online.

Players who buy online or review improvements may have noticed one of the first changes in The Elder Scrolls Online, which replaces one product with another, which includes Morrowind and the base game.

Few things will change for Elder Scrolls Online players who want to test their skills against others on the PvP battlefields. But for those who have not yet purchased the game, you can expect the PvP feature to become part of the base game soon.