The New Thepowerlevel website has been officially put into use.
Jan. 1, 2016

After a long period of development and design, the new site on January 15, 2014 formally launched, welcome customers and friends to use and make valuable suggestions. The New siteadded has many new features.

1. The Points System
A. Newly registered members are presented 5 Bonus Points.
B. Order fulfillment, you will get a certain percentage of the amount of orders as the return of Bonus Points.
C. If the payment orders fail,deducted Bonus Points will be returned to you within 24 hours.

2. The Referral System
A. Refer a friend rewards 5 Bonus Points.(new members must have successful payment and order fulfillment)
B. If you was Introduced by other members, you'll also get 5 Bonus Point.

3. User Center
A. You can view your membership.
B. You can view your purchase history.
C. You can check your purchase details.
D. You can track the progress of your order.
E. You can initiate a refund request.
F. You can submit a comment for Bonus Point.

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