Ways to Create a Party in Ragnarok Online
Jul. 1, 2018

One of the main community features in Ragnarok Online is parties. Two or more characters could band together to fight against tough monsters after a party is created in Ragnarok Online. Any character can create a party as long as he reaches job level 8 as a Novice. The ability of an individual is limited, so parties are quite helpful when taking on high-level monsters. What follows are the ways to create a party in Ragnarok Online, you can create your own party referring to them.

1. Use a Command


In the old version of Ragnarok Online, the only way to create a party is by typing a command in your chat box, but it still works in the latest update of the game. Simply type: /organizepartyname (e.g. /organize onehalfdime)

-- Creating a Party Name with spaces is unacceptable. However, you can use special characters as long as it's supported by the game's text database.
-- The game will notify you if someone has already used the same party name.
-- After you have typed in the command with the party name, press Enter. A party setting will appear for you to modify. Change it to your preference and then press OK to complete the process.



-- Please obey the rules regarding foul language when choosing party names.

2. Use the Menu



The new and easiest way to create a party in Ragnarok Online is by pressing Alt+V. This will maximize your menu, showing the shortcut button for your inventory, skill, map, guild, quest, the record button, option, and most importantly, the party.



-- To create a party using this, press the party button to bring up the party window. At the lower right of the window, you will find an icon with three people. Right-click on that to start creating your own party.

3. Change the Party Setting



You can change the party setting even after you have founded the party and invited people in. Simply press Alt+Z to bring up the party window and then click on the magnifying glass icon below. After doing so, another window will open with the following setting:

-- How to Share EXP in Ragnarok Online - This setting is for the distribution of EXP to each party member. You can change it to “Each Take”, which players gain EXP from their own kill, and “Even Share”, kills done by the party will be equally shared to everyone.
-- How to Share Items in Ragnarok Online - If you choose Each Take, players who killed the monster successfully can pick up the items while others are restricted. In Party Share however, everyone within the party can pick up the item regardless who had killed the monster or boss.
-- Item Sharing Type in Ragnarok Online - This determines how are items split once picked up. If the setting is set to “Individual”, the person keeps what they pick up. If it's “Shared”, items are distributed randomly to party members.