What Is Its Battle System In The Elder Scrolls OL
Jan. 11, 2015

Believe that the name "The Elder Scrolls" has a very important role in the minds of players, "The Elder Scrolls" is a leader of RPG in PC games, oversized world setting, almost entirely free system as well as numerous MOD, here to tell you about the biggest highlight the "combat system" in The Elder Scrolls.

If you played the other games of "Elder Scrolls" series, then you will quickly get started TESO operation mode. W, A, S, D is uesd to move people, the mouse controls the direction of facing, the space key is jumping, Shift key is buildup. Combat control is also the same as the former of "The Elder Scrolls" series. Click the left mouse button brandishing weapons, holding down the left mouse button to charge, hold the right key to parry attacks.

When player enter into game with Elder Scrolls Online CD Key, it is necessary to know its featured battle mode. In TESO its battle mode is also very special, and different from the "Elder Scrolls" series predecessor. They developed unique battle mode more suitable online game environment. TESO battle mode creates a new skill system, after the end of each round of combat, the system will be scoring based on the efficiency of your killing enemy, and your fighting techniques, you can also get skill points, you can do a lot of things with skill points.

First, whenever kill monsters, according to your fighting technique score, you will gain additional experience rewards. If the score is high enough, you will get picked up boxes, which you can open a game equipment.

Second, skill points can be used to improve the effect of the players ultimate skills. In addition, players get the ultimate skill at level 5, and in the process of rising to the full level, players can unlock the different ultimate skill. Each ultimate skill has its own very unique skills brilliant special effects.